electricity meterMany entrepreneurs are choosing the last quarter of 2014 to start out in business, it appears the recession has waned and people have a more confident feeling about the economy. They don’t however feel like they have more disposable income! So what is the problem here? Take a few simple wealth checks and you will probably reveal a shocking statistic which you could have addressed as far back as 1997! What is this? you are probably thinking? Well, if you had switched to every available deal for your energy since 1997 then you could have saved enough money to have a free Christmas lunch for two every year since then and had some change left!  Add to that, if you had taken some time to search price comparison websites for a whole range of everyday services and products since then you would be a lot better off.

Many new business owners stick with the inherited energy supplier, our advice is don’t take a deal until you have searched and compared, you can do this on our site or we can help you. Businesses should also be ahead of their competitors and have a merchant account in place so the most important part of business does not let them down… i.e. receiving payment. Remember if a customer only has a card on them and wants to buy your goods or services and you do not have the facility this will be counted towards the £10,180 per annum average sales lost to businesses who do not have a merchant account!

Christmas is coming and people are spending so act now and watch your turnover increase.

What people who finally take the time to complete the energy switching process realise is that it is the same electricity, the same emergency services for faults but their bills are cheaper and sometime will have a different providers logo on the top! They then get the comparison bug and go on to save money on a lot of other products and services. We set up www.ItCouldBeCheaper.com to help you find the reductions you are entitled to, our service is free and we earn money from helping you save money! It is a Win, Win for all…click and switch today and increase your disposable income.

IS IT TIME TO TAKE THAT LEAP OF FAITH and start YOUR new business?
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